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To learn to weave and own a loom has been a lifelong dream of mine.  I loved to watch rag rugs being woven on the big loom at Corning EUB Church when I was a little girl and the dream continued on with me through adulthood.  Over the years we have purchased several rag rugs from fine weavers at craft shows but still the dream was there to be able to weave myself.

 Finally 2 years ago we purchased my first loom.  It is a great loom but not heavy enough for my dream of weaving rugs.   Then a year and 5 months later we purchased my second loom, a bigger heavier loom to allow me the pleasure of my dream coming true and being able to weave rugs among other heavier items.


My dream is now being passed on to our grandson.  He has woven items for his kindergarten and first grade teachers.


Now with the help of God, our daughter doing the website and a very understanding husband, my dream has become a reality and I am very proud to have my dream unfold into being able to have a web store for my hand woven items.